With 2017 virtually in the rear-view mirror – and the exceptionally busy year that’s it’s been – we thought we’d give you the run down in one concise blog of lots and lots of pictures and hopefully not too many words:)

Okay so, besides the usual changes to the timetable, instructors and studio managers, and all new studio offerings…


Check out our instructors celebrating at another of our infamous Pole-Nut Butter & Jam birthday parties with this little showcase number…


We have had a fair few local dynamos in studio. We did handstands with David, transitions with Julie and signature tricks with Benita… here’s to seeing more of you guys in workshops next year! Tell us, who do you want to see in the studio next year? What workshops would you like us to organise? We are all ears!

Why attend a workshop, you ask? This is why


For our third birthday party we partnered with NGO ‘Choose Your Bruise’, a non-governmental government agency that bridges the gap between various NGOs and Safehouses for abused women and children. Some of the proceeds of Fria’s Superfoods snacks and The Pole Project cookie sales, as well as the kind donations of our students, were handed over to the organisation. We plan to continue working with CYB and do more with them in future, so watch this space!

Then in November we performed for ‘Dancers Love Dogs’ with some of the best talent in the industry. Our second time, we might add! ‘Dancers Love Dogs’ is a not-for-profit organization that produces an annual show involving dancers who love animals, and all proceeds go towards ‘mass sterilization’.


Once again, representatives of The Pole Project slaughtered the opposition at this year’s comps!

Our darling Anel first took second place at the Pole Championship Series Africa in May, then she went on to take first place in the Acro division at the Acro Pole Art Classic in November, and then – to top it all off – she took first place in the Pole Acrobat Professional division at The Pole Factor 2017!

We also saw our students Melissa May and Bianca Orlandi take first and second place respectively in the Pole Acrobat Amateur division, Elizabeth de Vos take second place in Pole Artiste Amateur, Anelma Botha take second place in Pole Artiste Professional, Toni Smidt take first place in Pole Provocateur Amateur and Robynn Deedat take second place in the Pole Provocateur Professional division.

Well done ya’ll! We are so immensely proud of you all!


We’ve been really consistent about blogging this year because we have soooo many tips and tricks to share with you, so head on over to our News page to have a look at what we’ve been putting up.

Do you wonder if competing is for you?

Wanna know more about healthy eating?

Learn more about cross-training for pole progression!

Need a bit of inspirations after a break from pole? Here are five things you definitely shouldn’t say to yourself after a pole hiatus


Our first ever theatrical pole dancing extravaganza interwoven with a theme and storyline based on everyone’s favourite, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We’re not going to say much here because you should have been there… it was OFF THE CHARTS two nights in a row and we can’t freakin’ wait for next year when we select an all-new wacky story to re-imagine.

We do want to thank instructors and students from the studio and from The Scar-Lit Box. It couldn’t have been done without you!

And something that we never actually shared at the time was that the show was selected to run on the Cape Town Fringe Festival – oh yeah! – but there were too many technicalities this time around. Next time! We are just thrilled that pole dancing is being increasingly featured in dance and arts festivals and events nationwide.

For the full story in pictures check out this post, Wonderland for Dummies


For the third consecutive year the Mother City played host to THE BEST damn pole dance competition on the national calendar! #justsaying

We want to smother you with beautiful pics, but if you’d prefer words you can read more about our finalists here, our judges and sponsors here, and a round up on the event and 2017 winners here.


They said a lot guys 🙂

Between pole fitness, kids’ classes, A Feast of Flight and The Pole Factor you would have heard or read about us online, in print or on radio at some point during the year!


Moving into 2018, what are some of the things we’re looking forward to most?

  • A breath of fresh air and new adventures when the studio moves in April
  • An even wackier and more creative A Feast of Flight 2018; and
  • An even more challenging and inspirational The Pole Factor Cape Town 2018



For now, travel safe, have fun and behave yourselves.

Until the new year xoxo