For those unable to train with us in-studio, we will still be offering the option to book the following classes online:

Pole Power | Handstands | Beginner/Intermediate 1 Pole | Intermediate 1 Pole | Flex & Bend 


You will be able to book these separately on the booking portal. BUT please note that there will be no interaction or supervision from the instructor for those attending online via Zoom. As with all our online classes, you will have the option of attending “live” online or getting access to the recording after. However, the downloadable link is only available for 12 hours after the class ends. 


Below you’ll find a brief description of the classes that are available online.

FLEX & BEND: Tuesdays 17h40 & Saturdays 10h30 (Advanced) | Tuesdays 18h45 & Saturdays 11h40 (Beginner)

  • Flexibility training, building on strength and range of mobility using both active and static stretching techniques. We also work on flexy acrobatic tricks such as handstands, forearm/elbow stands, chest stands and needle scale training.  
  • Suitable for everyone including non-pole dancers. Our classes cater for different levels depending on the level of your flexibility training.   
  • What you will need (options as substitutes in brackets): a mat (towel, rug) + 2 yoga blocks (books, foam roller, firm pillows) + theraband (stockings, an old pair of leggings) + ankle weights (tinned food, a heavy clutch or small handbag, a full water bottle) 

BEG/INTERMEDIATE 1 POLE and INTERMEDIATE 1 POLE: Tuesdays 18h50 | Wednesdays 17h45

  • Building on the skills you learnt as a Beginner, you will learn more challenging spins, transitions, more complex techniques and explore a whole range of gravity-defying moves that require strength and grip on the pole.
  • What you will need: a pole is most definitely necessary. If desperate, find another pole-like structure in your home 😉

POLE POWER: First 2 Mondays of the month 18h00 & second 2 Thursdays of the month 19h00 

  • Strength training, working towards a specific skill or body group. Mat work, wall work and bodyweight training. 
  • Suitable for everyone and all levels, including non-pole dancers.
  • What you will need: a mat (towel/rug as substitute) for ALL classes. And you may also need the following depending on the class: a towel / a wall / a couch / yoga blocks (books or toilet rolls as substitutes) / ankle weights (optional, not necessary)

HANDSTANDS: First 2 Thursdays of the month 19h00 & second 2 Mondays of the month 18h00 

  • This class will reinforce the fundamental skills, drills and conditioning required for handstands. Whilst challenging the more advanced individual to expand on their current skill set.
  • Suitable for everyone and all levels, including non-pole dancers.



You will find our membership rates here.

Email the studio on to sign up, make payment and send us your POP. You will receive a link to the online class a couple of hours before it starts.



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Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch name: 100 Grayston Drive
Branch code: 580105
Cheque account number: 10012411799