Why pole dance / pole fitness?

Pole dance is a beautiful melange of gymnastics, dance and circus elements that delivers a rigorous work-out, improves fitness, tone and strength, and has people from all walks of life stepping up to explore this powerful dance form. Gymnasts and dancers are increasingly turning to pole dance as another outlet for their strength, creativity and freedom of self-expression, and are in turn elevating pole dance to higher artistic and professional levels.

Pole fitness is not only fun, it works and tones more muscles than you can imagine. The benefits are endless. It increases strength, fitness levels and flexibility, burns fat, tones and builds muscle definition (pole fitness literally targets your entire body!). It also demands an incredible amount of coordination and balance – learning to control spins, executing tricks on the pole and performing a routine will strengthen muscles throughout your body, including your core strength. And if that wasn’t enough… it releases endorphins, builds confidence, self-esteem and a special camaraderie between pole fanatics who love to train and get fitter, stronger together.

You can read up more about the difference between pole dance and the aerial arts on our blog “What is Pole Dance? What is Aerial Art?”.

Come join one of the most exciting new sports in the world today!

Class descriptions

Our classes incorporate all elements of pole dance and fitness, including spins, tricks, transitional moves and floor work, enabling us to nurture well-rounded pole dancers. We are focused on delivering high quality training and want students to get the most out of each class.

Each pole fitness class consists of a warm-up, strength conditioning exercises, pole tricks or spins instruction, and a cool down. We also teach routines combining the moves that you have learnt, with the opportunity of performing for your friends and family at studio jams and our annual “A Feast of Flight” show. 

Our minimum age for pole classes is 16 years (and 18 years and above for our Exotic Pole classes). Please enquire about our FLY KIDS workshops for our younger members!

Level progressions

The tables below list the tricks and skills taught at each level at The Pole Project.

In order to progress to the next level, the student must be able to:

  • Execute at least 8 of the prerequisite/compulsory tricks in RED for each level, and
  • Perform a combo which incorporates at least 3 of the prerequisite/compulsory tricks in RED.

These tables are intended to help our students to:

  • understand the skills taught and acquired at each level;
  • understand the skills required in order to progress to the next level (see tricks in RED); and
  • gauge and assess the level he/she is at.

The lists are intended to work as helpful guidelines (and to help you set goals!), rather than to stipulate any formal assessment that would be required in order for the student to progress to the next level.

In the case of doubt, or if you would just like to work through some specific tricks and combos in order to move up, book a private session with one of our awesome instructors!


Our beginner classes are for first-timers and anyone who may have some proficiency in basic pole work. 

Don’t worry if you’re an absolute beginner with no previous fitness or dance training! Everyone learns at their own pace and will be taught moves that suit their strengths, from spins, transitions, and an introduction to climbs and tricks on the pole in Beginner 1. Beginner 2 classes will focus on building a solid foundation of inversions and leg hooks. 


If you’re a first-timer, we would recommend joining our trial class first before attending a Beginner 1 class.


Building on the skills you learnt as a Beginner, you will learn more challenging spins, transitions, more complex techniques and explore a whole range of gravity-defying moves that require strength and grip on the pole. By this stage, you will have begun to notice muscle tone in places you never knew you had! These moves will be put together in more challenging routines that will allow you to express and finesse your new-found skills.


Welcome to the club of hard core pole addicts. The list of tricks and combos is infinite, but some of the cutting edge, death-defying tricks you can expect are:

  • Iron X
  • Flag
  • Deadlifts
  • Muscle-ups
  • Freestanding handstands
  • Russian Split, Bird of Paradise, Eagle, Super Pain, Cocoon, Pegasus etc etc… all the flexy bendy tricks you can manage!



Exotic pole dance is an empowering expression of womanhood and allows women to tap into their sensuality, build confidence and truck loads of ATTITUDE. For women who WANT to be sexy and are proud of it, this class is for you.

The emphasis is not so much on pole tricks, but on the elements of dance, musicality, fluidity within tricks and transitions, body awareness and improving confidence. Expect lots of floorwork, hair flicks and booty shaking.

Ages 18+ only. Heels are recommended for this class, but are not compulsory. Kneepads and socks/legwarmers necessary. Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced levels available, check out our schedule for class times.




Let us transform you into beasts and ninjas.


This class is all about power: strength training and conditioning, plus flexibility to add to the balance. If you want to take your repertoire to the next level, this class will allow you to train and practice your power moves and build your strength rapidly.


All levels welcome.




In this class, you will learn contemporary dance inspired sequences combined with freestyle play, designed to increase your pole movement vocabulary while also focussing on musical and emotional connectivity.


Improve your fluidity, sense of musicality, lines, and expression with the use of dynamic and contrasting movement on the pole. Learn to combine moves into one beautiful flowing piece, while most importantly adding your own individuality!


Kneepads, leggings/legwarmers and socks are necessary. So we can slide around and let it flow…