1. All rights of admission reserved.
  2. All contracts must commence on the 1st of a month.
  • If the joining date is on or before the 20th of a month, the contract will be deemed to start in that month, but the amount of fees payable for that month will be on a pro rata basis.
  • If the joining date is after the 20th of a month, the amount of fees payable for that month will be on a pro rata basis and the contract will be deemed to start on the 1st of the next month.
  1. All contracts and packages are non-refundable, non-transferrable and cannot be extended.
  2. Monthly fees are always paid in advance for the month, before the start of each month. No refunds are given.
  3. Members on 3 month contracts must either sign up to a direct debit, or the full amount for 3 months is payable in advance.  The first month is payable by EFT/cash/card, thereafter DEBIT ORDER only.
  4. Members on 3 month contracts: should you not wish to continue your contract at the end of the 3 month period, you will need to provide us with 7 days advance notice in writing prior to the last day of your contract.  Your debit order will continue to run on a month to month basis until such notice is received.  If your debit order has been processed, and no notice has been received, you will be liable for that month’s debit order.
  5. Membership will be active for the period for which you have signed for. For cancellation of contract, remaining fees are to be paid in full.
  6. All bookings must be made at least 6 hours prior to the start of the scheduled class. 
  7. Notice of cancellation must be given within 6 hours prior to the start of a scheduled class. Notice given after this time will result in forfeiting the scheduled class without a refund.
  8. The Pole Project reserves the right to cancel classes should there not be sufficient bookings.
  9. All classes under one month and three month contracts cannot be carried over into the next contract period, and must be completed within the same contract period.
  10. Membership may be placed on hold for a minimum period of one (1) calendar month and maximum two (2) calendar months per contract. Notice of suspension is to be given in writing at least 72 hours before.  You may not attend classes during the suspension.
  11. Prices are subject to change. The contract price will remain the same regardless of increases until the contract period expires.


  1. Students use equipment at their own risk. We advise you not to use the poles if the instructor is not in the studio.
  2. Students will not attempt any moves that they have not yet been instructed on.
  3. Students may be held responsible for damage to The Pole Project’s studio property and/or equipment. You are requested to take care of equipment utiilised during your training.
  4. Students must test their poles for stability and safety at the start of each class and before each move attempted. If you switch to someone else’s pole, do not assume it has been tested and re-test it for yourself.
  5. If you have any medical conditions, injuries or are worried about any aspect of your health that may prevent you from doing physical activity, you must consult your doctor prior to attending any class. Students are responsible for notifying the instructor of any injuries or strains at the beginning of each class and immediately during class if any arise.
  6. Students MUST participate in the class warm up at the beginning of class. Students arriving late are responsible for their own warm-up before joining class.
  7. Be aware of your surroundings and the environment – objects or other students nearby – before you attempt use of the equipment.
  8. Keep hydrated with frequent water intake throughout class.
  9. No gum, candy or other solid food is allowed during class. No alcohol consumption before or during class.
  10. Students will stop dancing at the first sign of fatigue, injury or other discomfort. Do not push yourself when your body is warning you to stop!
  11. Students may not teach other students. Teaching another student may be done outside of class hours and is done at your own risk.