It was our third show in the annual A Feast of Flight series and boy did we blow the house down with the equivalent almighty force of a tornado in Kansas City.

This year we followed Doug down the yellow brick road as he unwittingly embarked on a journey of self-discovery to uncover his true self… Doris.

Giiirl if you missed it, you missed something truly magical, erkay!

Along the road we met all the wonderful characters that he befriended and the weirdos who tried to wreck his transformation. But from his encounters with the Scarecrow, the Tin(wo)man and the Cowardly Lion, to Glinda the Diva of Oz, the Wicked Witch and the Wizard – Doug found the heart, wit and courage to present Doris to the world, just in time for the finale of the Emerald City Drag Race. Naturally, he took the title and the undefeated Wizard of Oz was forced to give up his crown.

Trying to bring a story to life through dance and costumes alone is not an easy task. Coordinating routines and rehearsals between numerous studios with performers who are just everyday muggles is even more trying. But together we did it! So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for the passion and determination that made this year yet another success. We couldn’t have done it without you chicks from AIR Fitness Studio, Vertical Secrets and Wild Pole Flow Movement.

If you’d like to watch all the best moments of our twisted tale captured in one spooky, thrilling trailer, you can check out our promo video HERE.

Let’s throwback to Doug’s radical change…

Images all taken by Lindsey Appolis.

Uncle Henry

Always giving Doug a hard time about being a ‘real man’. Apparently, this is how it’s done.

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When Doug decides to take a trip down under, Toto pleads for him to stay. Our hearts melted as typical dog tricks gradually become a show of force on the pole… but this doesn’t dissuade Doug, who packs his bags and leaves.

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Air Exotica

Everyone wanted to be on board Air Exotic Flight XXX, where the flying is fierce and the crew is fiery. But it’s all fun and games until the plane goes down…

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The Minions

Minions? Hang on… wasn’t it Munchkins in Oz??

Well, in OUR version, we much prefer Minions They give Doug a warm welcome as he wakes up in the land of Oz.

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Glinda the Good Witch

“Let’s have a kiki!” Glinda gives Doug a pair of ruby “slippers”, which initiates Doug’s transformation. The yellow brick (well in our case, fabric) road is paved out for Doug’s journey to the Emerald City Drag Race.

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The Wicked Witch

The strong and savage Wicked Witch swears vengeance on Doug for stealing her heels.

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The Scarecrow

Doug picks up his first companion, the Scarecrow.

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The Tinwoman

“Pasties for the prudes whose hearts are so plain.” Enter Doug’s second companion, the Tinwoman (who turns out to be rather bendy after her joints are oiled). She gives Doug a set of heart-shaped pasties.

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The Lion

“A coat for the courage to stand in the rain.” This ferocious little kitty kat helps Doug find his inner-strength. She gives Doug a fur coat, and becomes his third companion on the yellow brick road.

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… Except Doris and his new buddies get ambushed by the Wicked Witch and her enchanted Poppies. And these are definitely not fragile flowers…

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The Flying Monkeys

Doris and his friends get put to sleep, and the Wicked Witch sends her Flying Monkeys in to steal Doris’ new possessions. The monkeys celebrate with a ballistic ritualistic dance, but the celebrations don’t last long as our hero and his friends secretly claim them back again.

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Doris vs The Wizard

It’s the final showdown at The Emerald City Drag Race and Doris takes down the deceptive Wizard once and for all.

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You Got the Wrong B(w)itch / Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Of course, Glinda is there to save the day when the Wicked Witch tries once again to steal Doris’ heels – the ultimate symbol of his new heart.

But he had to go home sometime and returning to Uncle Henry was daunting, except that their reunion turned out to be all about love and acceptance… just as it should be!

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Backstage Buddies

There’s always a lot of nerves and excitement backstage, but also much laughter, glitter and hairspray. Here a glimpse into moments behind the scenes, before the show got underway