Do I need to book classes in advance?

Advanced bookings are required for all classes, please email us at Let us know which date and time is suitable for you and we will book you in, subject to availability.

What do I wear to a pole dance class?

Wear comfortable, athletic, moveable clothing. We recommend that you wear shorts and a vest/tank top, as you will find that many pole moves require skin to pole contact.

Most of our students train barefoot or wear dance shoes (no wedges, boots or trainers).

For our exotic pole classes kneepads are necessary to protect your knees. We also recommend heels. If you’re not quite ready for it, then bring a pair of socks so it would be easier to slide around like a slinky creature.

Can I pole fully clothed if that is what my religion/ beliefs call for, or if I feel uncomfortable?

Poles come in a range of different finishes, which affect the grip factor when poling. A silicone finish pole would allow you to pole fully clothed; however, we do not have a silicone pole set up at The Pole Project studio.

You are welcome to attend classes fully-clothed and use a more grippy powder-coated pole, but be aware that this may limit what you are able to achieve and therefore your progression.

What do I bring to a pole dance class?

(1) A small towel: to clean both your hands and the pole whilst training, as sweat and oils build up.

(2) A water bottle, as it is important to stay hydrated whilst you’re breaking a sweat!

(3) Buckets of ENTHUSIASM for a fun and challenging workout and a bloody awesome time.

DON’T use any moisturisers on the day of your class (it makes your skin slippery).

Do I need to have any previous dance or fitness training?

So maybe you’re not at your ideal weight, or you have two left feet, or you have zero upper body strength. We’ve heard them all before and we refuse to accept any of these excuses to not try it!

Most of our beginners have no dance experience and we are here to teach you all the basics. You will find that your coordination will improve over time, with more practice.

Neither do you need to be strong or flexible… that’s what we’re here to help you achieve! All our classes integrate conditioning and flexibility, to help you develop your pole skills in a supportive and friendly environment.

Is pole dance/ pole fitness dangerous?

Although pole dancing is fun, it is still a serious athletic endeavour that should not be taken lightly. As with any sport, it may become dangerous if you don’t follow the instructions provided by your instructor, if you don’t warm up, if you push yourself to perform moves that your body isn’t ready for yet, or if you practice with unsuitable equipment.

I am a guy, can I try pole dance/ pole fitness?

Absolutely, pole dancing can be masculine too.

The origins of pole dancing include Chinese pole and Indian pole or “Mallakhamb”, both of which are very male-dominated. In fact, pole dancing should really be called pole gymnastics. It requires a great deal of technical ability, strength, power and endurance – just like a gymnast – but with the grace and poise of a dancer.

Strength training in pole dance is different from bodybuilding and weight training. Pole dance pushes you to build up your strength in a varied style (i.e. rather than repetitive gym workouts), with various targets to motivate you to push further. Bodybuilders train muscle groups, pole athletes must train movements. This is because pole dance requires performing movements that demand every major muscle group in the body to work in synergy.

Apart from our Exotic Pole Dance classes, which are for women only, we strongly encourage men to come and give it a whirl. Although if you’re a man who loves to dance in heels, we won’t turn you away from our Exotic Pole Dance classes 😉

Am I too old to pole dance?

You’re never too old to learn how to pole dance. Greta Ponteralli became a champion pole dancer at the age of 63, and she only started pole dancing a few years before that. Why not stop creating roadblocks and try something challenging? All you need is determination and buckets of enthusiasm!

I am an experienced pole dancer and would like to compete in The Pole Factor. How do I enter?

That’s great news!!

You can read up more about our rules and regulations here.

And find out more about entry requirements here.