The Pole Project came up with its very own Golden Pole Awards this year, because we want to honour and celebrate the special characters we meet in pole class. Special people who entertain us on a weekly basis with their quirks and idiosyncrasies. They may be a fellow student, or even an instructor. 

Based on your nominations and voting over the past few weeks, we are proud to announce the winners of each Golden Pole Award.


A constant distraction in class. The one who whines about conditioning, or insists on trying out random things as soon as the instructor isn’t looking. The trouble maker is bold and cheeky.

Winner: Alby Hildebrand. Most of you will be familiar with Alby’s whining in class about conditioning… and always insisting on doing specific tricks (“can we do Fish??”). Alby even proudly claimed the award herself hands down…

Sadly we have been missing this character in class recently, but we hope to welcome her back to the studio soon!


The dynamic duo, best buddies, yin and yang. They train together, spot each other, spur each other on… and they are all over doubles tricks.

For those of you following us on social media, there was close competition for this one between Leigh & Robynn, and Gabi & Keri, but the award will have to go to……….. GABI & KERI!! These two work extra hard in encouraging each other, supporting each other in their training… and we absolutely love the energy they bring to class! Well done ladies!


The one who makes everything look sexy. She just wants to strut her stuff, and is more interested in flow, hair flicks and heel clacks than tricks.

This was a tough one as we have so many sexy polekats in the studio… but this award goes to the luscious Robynn Deedat.


Is the move new? Is it hard? The Beast is all over it!

Winner: Categorically Anel van der Walt, definitely our resident beast.


Another distraction in class. The one who loves taking photos/videos. The IG Whore may also spend quite a bit of time scanning through the newest tricks and combos on IG… always inspired and desperate to try them out in class!

Winner: Gino Bassi, otherwise known as Gino Cappucino or Gino Ginelli… we do love his videos though so never stop Gino!


“Will someone catch me!!!” You might hear this one quite a bit in class. The Klutz is a little all over the place… either flopping out of tricks, landing clumsily with a big smile on his/her face (“I’m ok I’m ok!!”), or screaming for spotting. We love The Klutz even though he/she may regularly give the instructor fleeting heart attacks.

Winner:  Stacey Shield. Although we must say, Stacey has improved over the years… Stacey has always been fearless, which is one of the things we love about her… but also one of the things we also fear most. We’ve witnessed Stacey’s strength grow immensely over the past few years, but at the same time her fearlessness also seems to have grown twofold… which just means more antics in class. Don’t worry Stace, we’re always here to catch you!