We recently re-opened at Buchanan Square, Woodstock and with a fresh new space (including two studio rooms!), we decided to add a few fresh new classes to our timetable.

Obviously, we’re continuing with our regular pole fitness and exotic pole classes, but here are a few more you might be interested in looking into:


Sure, it’s not new but members can now attend Flex & Bend classes as part of your class package… because we all know that it’s an essential class for anyone wanting to take their pole progression to the next level. Flexibility and mobility is everything. And in order to cater to different needs and ensure everyone gets the training specific to their level, we continue to have 2 different stretch classes on offer – for beginners and intermediate/ advanced students.

Flexibility greatly improves performance in any sport and lessens the chance of injury. In fact, it’s effective in reducing mental stress, relaxing muscles and helping one achieve a sense of balance and wellbeing. Polers and non-polers are welcome to train with Jenny. Non-polers are welcome to buy the Flex & Bend only package.


This is all about strength, conditioning and flexibility – but it’s not the same as the Flex & Bend class!

If you want to take your repertoire to the next level, this class will allow you to train and practice power moves and build your strength rapidly.

All levels welcome.

POLE FLOW (commencing in June)

Learn contemporary dance inspired sequences combined with freestyle play, designed to increase your pole movement vocabulary and emotional connectivity, improve your fluidity, sense of musicality and lines, as well as expression.

This is where you’ll learn to combine moves into one beautiful flowing piece while most importantly adding your own individuality!

All levels welcome.

Power up!

Find your flow…


Have you ever dreamt about staying on after a pole class so that you practice what you’ve just learnt? Or zoned out at your desk running through moves in your head so that next time you’re at the studio you get it right?

Well, Pole Play is where you can spend some free time in studio practicing what you learnt in class. It’s not a structured class, so you won’t be learning anything new, but an instructor will always be on hand to take everyone through a group warm up and cool-down and assist with spotting or tips on technique.

All levels welcome.


So, last month we released a blog on Pole Dance For Kids, and if you read that blog you would’ve seen that we’re looking at introducing a new class for little ones called ‘Cirquenastics’.

There are some nasty myths about pole dance that perpetuate the cycle of stereotypical prejudices and contribute toward a huge divide when it comes to seeing kids spin around a vertical pole.

We believe that it’s time for public perception to evolve and that training young ones to see pole in a different light will help that evolution start from a younger age. So, our ‘Cirquenastics’ classes will be purely fitness-based where both girls AND boys (aged 8 – 15) are taught how to use a vertical apparatus to build their strength, coordination and flexibility under the guidance and instruction of a professional gymnastics and pole dance coach. Classes will also encompass all elements of aerial fitness, including pole, hoop, silks, and acrobatic skills.


  • Pole fitness can match athletic training when it comes to strength, flexibility, discipline and endurance
  • It can improve motor skills, including balance, coordination and spatial awareness
  • It can build the same neurological pathways that are formed during creativity, reasoning and analytical processes
  • It encourages team work and a healthier lifestyle, all the while providing a fun experience that keeps kids fully engaged throughout

Watch this space for our Cirquenastics classes to start in the next few months!


Interested in trying out another aerial art? We are still offering aerial classes – silks, lyra or trapeze – on a private basis with Jenny. But we’re hoping that with enough interest we can start scheduling regular aerial classes.

As usual, advanced booking are required for all classes. So, we’ll be seeing you at the studio for some of these new slots then?!

What other classes would you like to see on offer at The Pole Project? Holler!