A Feast of Flight is a theatrical pole dancing extravaganza presented to you by the instructors and students of The Pole Project.

It was created with the intention of embracing the artistic side of pole dance and to give students a fun opportunity to showcase their strength and skills.

We love pushing boundaries and creating unique, magical things that are truly out of this world. So for the first time in South Africa, we created a pole dancing production entirely choreographed and managed by our instructors, and performed by both students and instructors… where all the acts were linked and interwoven with a story line. A non-verbal dance and performance art piece, if you will.

Each year The Pole Project aims to put a modern twist on a much-loved classic, and every year the show goes beyond a showcase of aerial artistry and daring pole dance acts into the realm of the unimaginable.

In 2017, the production’s inaugural event, The Pole Project took A Feast of Flight audience members on a journey with Alistair, in Wonderland… check out this recap ‘Wonderland for Dummies’ and our promo trailer here.

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