The Pole Factor is an annual competition held in Cape Town, hosted by The Pole Project, that celebrates the athleticism and artistry of pole dance with showcases from four different styles of the discipline:

Pole Acrobat – the sporty side of pole; strength, power, agility and athleticism

Pole Artiste – the artistic side of pole; expression, interpretation and movement

Pole Provocateur – the exotic side of pole; sensual, pleaser heels and flexibility

Pole Duets – doubles on the pole; two dancers incorporating any of the three styles above

Open to amateur and professional levels, male and female, national and international contestants; The Pole Factor demands that competitors show-off their X-factor – that undefinable “je ne sais quoi” that makes for star quality.

And we always have the most incredible support from our community of sponsors that assist in getting the event off the ground and providing awesome prizes for our daring winners.

This year, The Pole Factor heads into its fourth year and is set for Saturday, December 1st 2018!

As usual, we expect the competition to be world-class. Don’t believe us? Check out our gallery of previous years’ contestants in action below. See more on our 2016 and 2017 events. And follow our Facebook page for updates.

Are you a Pole Acrobat, Pole Artiste, Pole Provocateur or Pole Duet? And have you got that je ne sais quoi?

Find out about this year’s key dates and requirements here. And check out more on our categories and divisions here.