The Pole Factor is an annual competition held in Cape Town, hosted by The Pole Project. It celebrates the athleticism and artistry of pole dance with showcases from four different styles of the discipline:

Pole Acrobat – the sporty side of pole; strength, power, agility and athleticism

Pole Artiste – the artistic side of pole; expression, interpretation and movement

Pole Provocateur – the exotic side of pole; sensual, pleaser heels and flexibility

Pole Duets – doubles on the pole; two dancers incorporating any of the three styles above

Open to amateur and professional levels, male and female, national and international contestants; The Pole Factor demands that competitors show-off their X-factor – that undefinable “je ne sais quoi” that makes for star quality.

We always have the most incredible support from our community of sponsors that assist in getting the event off the ground and providing awesome prizes for our daring winners!

Check out our gallery below of previous years’ contestants. See more on our 2016, 2017 and 2018 events. And follow our Facebook page for updates.

Are you a Pole Acrobat, Pole Artiste, Pole Provocateur or Pole Duet? And have you got that je ne sais quoi?  Find out about key dates and requirementscategories and divisions at the links provided here.



Affiliation with the International Pole Championship (IPC) 

We are proud to officially announce that the highest scoring champion from the Professional divisions (Acrobat, Artiste and Provocateur) and the champions of the Pole Duets division of The Pole Factor 2018 obtained automatic entry into the semi-finals of the International Pole Championship 2019. 

The International Pole Championship (IPC) is the most prestigious international competition that attracts the best pole dancers from around the world, including China, Russia and USA.  

IPC is run by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA). The event has taken place in metropolitan centres such as Tokyo, Manila and Hong Kong. In 2018, Brisbane joined the ranks and hosted the IPC in April 2018 at the Sleeman Sports Complex in April. The event was an unmissable opportunity for the pole dance community to come together and network, whilst the best of the best compete for the opportunity to win the title of World Champion… shaping the future of pole sport. 

Creator of The Pole Factor competition, Kathy Lee, has been sponsored her Master Trainer training through IPDFA’s PolePro Instructor Courses in South Africa. The Pole Factor is honoured to have been selected by IPDFA to be the affiliated South African Representing Competition for the IPC, a highly esteemed world championship. 

This is a brilliant opportunity for South African competitors to be recognised internationally and to represent South Africa on the international stage.

For more information on the IPC, visit