OMG, we have so much to show you!

We were left absolutely speechless when contestants at the annual Pole Factor competition took to the stage in their respective categories and blew the audience members away with their captivating on-stage personas and stunning performances.

Although not everyone walked away a winner on the night in terms of titles and trophies, we believe that every performer – from amateur to professional – was a winner. Each of you poured your heart and soul into your performance and left us enthralled and inspired!

So, for our first thank you… thank you dancers, we wouldn’t have had a competition without you. The atmosphere backstage was awesome – so much glitter and giggles – and we were absolutely astounded by your works of art!

P.S. Check out this year’s champs here.

Special thanks to Lindsey Appolis for these incredible images

Our second thank you must go out to all the pole cleaners, runners and individuals that worked tirelessly on stage and behind the scenes to make sure the show ran smoothly. You guys rock!

Third, to everyone who pulled through to watch the show, thank you for your support. Dancers perform for all your crazy whooping, screaming and cheering! And more than that, thank you for your social media shares using our hashtag #thepolefactor. You’ve helped amplify the excitement for 2017 🙂

And last but by no means least, a HUGE shout out to our sponsors. Without you we wouldn’t have had much of a competition to speak of. Your generosity with supplies and prizes, and your continued love and support shower this spectacular event with the kind of nurturing love and warmth that can only take the event from strength to strength. Thank you for everything and we hope to continue working with you for The Pole Factor 2017. Onwards and upwards!

Even the media were talking up pole dance and The Pole Factor. Not only did we appear online but also in print with a full-page article in the Cape Argus and a further two third page in the Cape Times and The CapeTowner. Pole dance featured on their news bulletin boards too!