If we thought it couldn’t get any better after last year’s performances, boy were we wrong! And our panel of judges this year – most of them already experienced with The Pole Factor in some shape or form – had the hardest job of all trying to decide on this year’s final winners… but in the end, there could only be one in each category.

So, whilst we want to thank all our competitors for putting in the effort and stepping up on the day, we also have to say a huge CONGRATS to the official winners on the night. ALL OF YOU performed your hearts out on stage and left the audience inspired and gaping in awe.

And our winners for 2017 are:


1st: Melissa May | 2nd: Bianca Orlandi


1st: Anel van der Walt | 2nd: David Rutherfoord-Jones


1st: Charne Swanepoel | 2nd: Elizabeth de Vos


1st: Hedwig Taylor Shackle | 2nd: Anelma Botha


1st: Toni Smidt | 2nd: Tarren Shungking


1st: Genevieve Eyre | 2nd: Robynn Deedat


1st: Courtney & Tamlyn | 2nd: Candice & Marisa

Shout outs must also go to our esteemed judging panel this year – Cezanne Carstens, Tanya Futter, Benita Bouwer and Tracey Ecclestone. Thank you for your time and dedication. We are deeply honoured to have had your expertise on site this year! We know that judging is an incredibly hard process and some difficult decisions had to be made, and we greatly value your feedback as it enables our performers to grow each year.

To our amazing sponsors – X-POLE South Africa, Fria’s Superfoods and Tracey Ecclestone from WA Aerial Fitness Studio – you guys are solid gold! Thank you for your generosity and support. We couldn’t do it without you.

For more on the Judges and Sponsors Behind The Pole Factor 2017 click -> here.

To our hilarious and talented Emcees, Grant and Julia, thank you for the laughs, for tying it all together and especially for the added entertainment on the night. What an epic pole duet as well… Next year we’ll be expecting an entry form!

To our special little helpers behind the scenes and on-stage – from pole cleaners, techs and scorecard calculators to front desk and F&B servers – you guys rock so hard!


To everyone who pulled through to watch the show – thank you for your support, your cheers and applause.


And finally, thanks to the media who opted to feature or mention the show while tickets were on sale… Would we have sold out ahead of the competition without your mentions? We don’t think so!

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To end on a gorgeous note, here are a couple of our favourite images from the night by Lindsey Appolis.