Our second annual A Feast of Flight pole dance production saw Willa Wonka choose the new ‘icon’ of his candy brand as five finalists went head-to-head with some deliciously magnificent performances!

The show was a collaboration between three studios from around Cape Town, and whilst each studio had their own acts to choreograph and costume, the bonding on this project was incredible… so, thank you to EVERYONE from The Pole Project, Wild Flow Pole Movement and Pole180 who took time out to be a part of the show.

It’s hard to believe how most of the cast members are not professional dancers! Just your ordinary, everyday folk performing extraordinary gravity-defying feats on stage. Simply mind-blowing and inspiring.

Behind the scenes

Taking us back to all the glitter, giggles and hairspray backstage.


Now for the good stuff. Here’s what you missed:

‘Walk for me!’

Wonka launches the ‘Walk for me!’ campaign. Worldwide auditions will narrow down five finalists to each receive a ‘Golden Ticket’ to the final round of performances for Wonka, from which he will choose the ultimate winner.

Have you got what it takes?

Charlize and Grandma Josephine

Charlize receives a “Golden Ticket’ and the excitable sassy Grandma Josephine shows her how to take the crown by putting the bass in her walk.

Meet Willy Wonka

After a long hiatus from the public eye, the man behind the brand makes an appearance to judge the ‘Walk for me!’ campaign. And boy oh boy is he a sweet talkin’ sugar coated Candyman, surrounded by his harem of beauties.

Die Augustus Groep

ZEF AF! Our first finalists show off their moves – Die Augusts Groep, the crew who’s gluttonous for fame and fortune.

Wonka’s Oompa Loompas

In our world, Oompa Loompas tower over everyone else in 7 inch heels. We meet the Chocolate Factory’s minions… who are quite different from your average Oompa Loompas…

The Teavee Sisters

Our second finalists strut their stuff – The Teavee Sisters, who live in the wild wild ‘west world’ of virtual reality.

Veruca Salt-N-Pepa

SWAG. Our third finalists bring their best – Veruca Salt-N-Pepa. Sugar ‘n spice and all things NOT so nice, that’s what these brats are made.

V-Tox Beauregarde

Our fourth finalist walks the walk – V-Tox Beauregarde has got the look!

And Wonka’s Coco Puff is…

Willy Wonka ‘s seen it all and the big decision is to be made… who will it be?


So in 2019 we might go on a journey to see The Wizard of Oz – what do you think?

You can see more Charlize and the Chocolate Factory pics in on our Facebook page albums.

See 2017’s inaugural show – Alastair in Wonderland – in pictures here: