Nowadays, almost every day of the year is earmarked to celebrate or acknowledge something; from World Aids Day to Best Friends Day, and even silly things like International Lazy Day.

Well, here’s one you’re going to love! World Pole Dance Day – the third of its kind.

On this day, all over the world, pole dancers unite in order to show love for their sport, share stories about how pole dance has changed their lives and educate the world about pole fitness and its remarkable growth across the globe.

Of course, as pole dancers, we know that pole fitness has many physical benefits but that it’s also a great creative outlet and an excellent way to boost self-confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin. World Pole Dance Day is here so that you can share that little known fact with the rest of the world.

It’s a beautiful art form, it’s dance and it’s quite difficult, so on Friday 30 September let’s show the world what pole dance is all about!

Change your Facebook profile picture to the World Pole Dance Day logo above and share your gorgeous pole dancing pictures with us – telling us where you’re from too – using #thepoleproject ‪#‎WorldPoleDanceDay ‪#WPDD #‎PoleCommunity ‪#‎UnitedByPole #polepride